Must See Movie - Midnight in Paris

On the very long flight back to San Francisco from St. Louis, I watched what I can now call one of my favorite movies. My friend Gillian recommended Midnight in Paris to me when it first came out but I didn't get around to seeing it until now. Gillian was right, I was obsessed. Woody Allen's film is romantic, cute and smart. It made me want to dive back into the classic literature I loved so much in high school and college and jet on over to Paris. The film's lesson is also one I can wholly identify with, as I've been known to come down with "grass is always greener" syndrom more than once (or twice).

Owen Wilson is the perfect protagonist, Rachel McAdams, the best kind of bitch, and by the end of the movie I wanted to be Marion Cottilard. We can add her to the inspiration list.

Watch this movie. Now.

Laney Loved It 

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