the moon was just a sliver, light was fading

It was the coldest night of the year
Snow-covered street lamps and belvedere
The moon was just a sliver
Light was fading
The war was on its way 
And we were waiting
You asked me, how long I'd stay by your side
And so I answered
With only just one reply

Til the casket drops


Having a Mley moment

I am having a serious Miley Moment right now. I guess its nothing new, I've been a fan since the beginning of Hannah Montana. I've seen just about every episode and own the movie. I'm basically a twelve year old in the body of an "adult". And now that Miley's all grown up, I mean she is getting married, I've grown to admire more than her comedic chops. Girlfriends got some serious 'fits and I'm loving each and every one of them.

all via Style Star Inc