i think of my days and know that i have changed

My kind of Jungle Book!
These editorials are so different but equally stunning.

Mara Hoffman's 2012 swimwear via HonestlyWTF
Vogue Spain February 2012 via OracleFox

GroupLove is getting me through a very dry streak musically. Thank ya kindly.

have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii want and need this. where can i find this print? 

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Really haven't been feeling my room as of lately. It's in serious need of revamping and the top two pics from Spells Jewellry blog are a great place to start. 

Loving Miley and Ashley's style as always, and don't even get me started on how adorable Clemence Poesey looks in these two pictures from her editorial in Glamour UK. 

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you aint a mixtape chick baby

I feel a fashion freak out coming on. I'm getting restless with my wardrobe and I think its time to add a few (or several) new pieces to my clothing collection.

 Loving the sweater/leather combo in first first pic and the fact that I can easily recreate it with what I already have. I'm dying for the second dress but I've come to terms that I am most likely not going to find something like that. One day?

Big tee and heels + trench - super chic and very doable. 

Laney Loved It

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I'm already THIS close to killing this song.


My Week In Photos

Tadah! This is something new I want to start doing - My Week In Photos. By the look of these pictures all I did was drink and eat. I swear there was more....

1. Fried tomatoes by my wanna-be-Southern, whiz in the kitchen roommate Kristina
2. Greek wrap made by yours truly
3. My favorite drink - Wednesday night for a friends birthday
4. Brunch at Don Pistos 
5. Brocoli dish I made tonight




Angelina Jolie, Marie Claire 
January 2012

Must See Movie - Midnight in Paris

On the very long flight back to San Francisco from St. Louis, I watched what I can now call one of my favorite movies. My friend Gillian recommended Midnight in Paris to me when it first came out but I didn't get around to seeing it until now. Gillian was right, I was obsessed. Woody Allen's film is romantic, cute and smart. It made me want to dive back into the classic literature I loved so much in high school and college and jet on over to Paris. The film's lesson is also one I can wholly identify with, as I've been known to come down with "grass is always greener" syndrom more than once (or twice).

Owen Wilson is the perfect protagonist, Rachel McAdams, the best kind of bitch, and by the end of the movie I wanted to be Marion Cottilard. We can add her to the inspiration list.

Watch this movie. Now.

Laney Loved It