Drank til I was thirsty again

Don't even get me started on the perfection going on in these photos. Especially the first one. 

Book to Buy: Girls in White Dresses

This, my friends, is a book that makes me want to write a book. Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close managed to put a little pep in my step and inspire me to start writing again. Poignant, funny and true this book is like taking a stroll down memory lane (the "Summer of Yes" sounds all too familiar). Remember the time you got dumped? Remember that time you burst out of the bar in drunken tears? Remember the time you secretly thought you would NEVER find anyone? Yeah, the girls in the book have been through all this and more. It made me hopeful to know that people aren't always hopeful about love - and thats ok. It’s a book that makes you excited for the future and the experiences along the way.  I started and finished it last Sunday and I’m already looking forward to a reread.